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My name is Rachel Harris. I'm originally from Huntsville, Alabama but I currently reside in Marietta, Georgia. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to have been a working makeup and hair artist for a little over ten years now. I first found my love for beauty while watching my mom get ready everyday as a kid. I remember always asking her to put mascara on my eyelashes and remember how happy and empowered I felt when I had it on. Even today, that is and has always been my favorite part of being a makeup and hair artist; The confidence that it gives.

Once I finished high school, I started off my career in the beauty industry by enrolling at Paul Mitchell The School- Although the majority of my artistry has been attained through years of on the job experience. Whether your ideal look is subtle, polished enhancement or full red carpet glam, I am confident that no matter what your special occasion may be, my team & I will be able to deliver by giving you an exceptional result. It has truly been an honor and pleasure to work with every single person to help them look and feel their best on some of the most important days, events and milestones of their life. I cannot WAIT to meet you!



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I felt like an absolute princess on my wedding day- I had such confidence when they opened the doors for me to walk down the aisle, which is how every girl should feel and Rachel made it happen.

Speechless! This girl is an angel! I swear!! My entire bridal party looked amazing. My mom looked stunning. Even my little flower girl got her sparkles that she loves. She was right on time to the wedding venue, and had everything set up and ready to go! It was so professionally done! She was on time with everyone!! I knew I had to do my first look with my dad before I walked down the aisle. I was nervous because I didn’t want to mess my makeup up if I lost it. Rachel stayed! In fact, not only did she stay but she helped me into my dress!!! The photographer was so pleased with how my makeup photographed! I have to agree! My makeup stayed PERFECT the entire night! The whole night I looked flawless, even through dancing and sweating! My eyelashes didn’t move or anything! I’ve never felt prettier and confident!!! There aren’t enough words for this girl and her talent!!! She has a special place in my heart forever. I just can’t brag on her enough!!!!

-Whitney Crutchfield



  • Q. What products do you use?
    A. I am constantly researching and curating products from top tier brands to ensure that I carry only the best in my kit! I use a variety of pro-grade, high definition products that provide a flawless finish that looks incredible, both in person and on camera- products that have been tried and tested, and are trusted by professionals in the beauty industry.
  • Q. Are hair extensions necessary?
    A. Hair extensions can absolutely make or break a look. The vast majority of inspiration photos have hair extensions to achieve a full look, even if it doesn't look like it! If you naturally have thick hair, it still may be necessary for all down or half down styles to achieve a princess-like fullness AND one of the best benefits is that extensions have the ability to hold a curl incredibly well. My favorite are clip-ins for the versatility on placement to disguise the clips around your style. My favorite brand is Zala Hair Extensions, they even have a concierge team that will color match you for a perfect blend. Use my code "RACHELHAIRZALA" for 20.00 off your first purchase with them.
  • Q. Do you recommend eyelash extensions and can you work around them?
    ​A. As someone who has worked as an eyelash technician for over 5 years, I have definitely accumulated some thoughts on the topic. Eyelash extensions have their place for everyday low maintenance wake up & be ready to walk out the door kinda thing. However, for your wedding day, your once in a lifetime big day, my opinion is simply that strip lashes are more flattering. Extensions have a tendency to "droop" into your eye line, causing your eyes to appear half open or sleepy since the extension is placed onto your natural lash and cannot be curled. This causes the issue to exaggerate if you have straight or downturned lashes. Strip lashes on the other hand do quite the opposite- They lift the eyes up and can be curled for a seamless blend into your natural lashes. However, I completely understand if you'd like to have them for all of the prior events & the events to follow associated with a wedding- They can be extremely convenient in that way! If you choose to give them a try, I am more than happy and able to work with them.
  • Q. Are false eyelashes included and are they necessary?
    A. To me, false eyelashes take any makeup application to the next level. Whether you're going for full glam, or subtle enhancement they go a long way in enhancing natural beauty (Yes, falsies can be natural!) Because of this, false eyelashes are in included in every makeup application. However, I am always happy to do whatever makes you comfortable.
  • Q. My bridal party is very diverse. I have people ranging in age, skin type, skin tone, hair texture as well as the amount of makeup they are comfortable with. Is that doable?​
    A. Absolutely it is! As a professional hair and makeup artist, it is our job to accommodate every single person. ​ It is imperative every HMUA have a solid understanding of color theory to match every skin tone perfectly as well as product development to have a strong understanding of how different ingredients react with all skin types to best suit each person's individual needs. And of course being sure to ask each person what their comfort level is with makeup with a thorough consult prior to services. For hair, we are more then happy and capable to style all hair textures and lengths. However for timing reasons, we ask you arrive with the hair texture you'd like your final services to reflect. For example, if you come with kinky curly hair, your final style will have a kinky curly finish. Similarly, If you come with smooth hair, your final style will have a smooth finish, with the exception of touching up natural curl/wave for definition, or curling already smooth hair.
  • Q. Will my makeup last into the wee hours of the night?
    A. Absolutely it can. Now, makeup is by no means bullet proof, so you'll have to put in a little work to maintain it as well- But I tell people all the time, if makeup didn't have the ability to last 12+ hours, I wouldn't have a job- seriously! Every product that I use is waterproof and extremely long wearing. However, there is certainly a caveat to the term "waterproof"- That does NOT mean "cry proof" because tears are not only water; they're made up of water and oil, and oil will ALWAYS breakdown makeup. "But of course i'm going to cry on my wedding day!" Totally okay. I'll include a few tips on how to get the best wear out of your makeup below. My suggestion is to lightly dab the tears in an upward (gentle) motion, in an attempt to "catch" them before they fall down your cheek. You can even slightly lean forward and they'll go straight from your eye, to the ground. And if a few do fall down your cheek, it wont instantly remove every trace of makeup it touches, but if you're absolutely inconsolably boo-hooing, the makeup will eventually begin to breakdown. Another thing to be aware of is your lip finish. Since that has a "wet" or "satin" finish, it will transfer. However I offer full size lipsticks for purchase and or a complimentary lip sample to brides to ensure you're able to touchup throughout your event. Makeup technology has come a VERY long way in terms of longevity so as long as you're aware of how to treat your makeup (like a delicate flower) you will be golden.
  • Q. Do you only do weddings?
    A. Although weddings are a majority of my work, I do not do them exclusively. I am always more than happy to accommodate your makeup and hair care needs for whatever your special occasion may be!
  • Q. Do you offer airbrush?​
    A. I no longer offer airbrush application; At the time airbrush was designed, its intended purpose was to mimic a skin like texture and weightless feel. While in comparison, traditional foundation was thought to be heavy. Howeverrrr, modern day foundation technology (In my humble opinion) surpasses airbrush by providing move versatility and constantly advancing in terms of finish, wear and longevity. Whether your dream skin is an undetectable finish and feel, or a full coverage and flawless finish, traditional foundation application can achieve that all while providing excellent longevity and a gorgeous finish.
  • Q. How long does it take to do hair and makeup?
    A. We allot 1 hour for bridal makeup or any single makeup or hair appointment & 40 minutes per bridal party member hair or makeup.
  • Q. How do I reserve my wedding day with you?
    A. To reserve your wedding date, here's what you gotta have. A retainer- A 50% monetary retainer of the total cost of services is due at the time of booking. The remaining balance is due two weeks before the wedding day. A reviewed & signed contract- The information needed (from you) to write the contract: 1) Location. We gotta know where we're going! + this will also determine travel cost, which will also be in the contract. 2) Desired "finish" time. We know it can be hard to get that timeframe in advance, but it is a must. You'll very easily be able to get that info with a quick discussion with your photographer as long as you already know your ceremony time. 3) Confirmed headcount for makeup services. This is important to get right the first time, as the headcount effects everything else in the contract and the wedding! I.e cost, timing, how many artists may be needed etc. Also very important as once booked, services cannot be deducted, and could potentially not be added depending on availability. 4) Confirmed headcount for hair services. Make sure to include hair and makeup separately when confirming the total services. We don't require both to be booked, so it's important to say "3 for makeup and 2 for hair" instead of "5 total services" to avoid any confusion. Once we have all the info, we'll send the contract your way to review and sign, along with an invoice to pay. Once those are completed, you will be officially booked. Woo woo!
  • Q. If I have already booked, am I allowed to add additional services at a later date?​
    A. Potentially. It will be based off availability so I highly recommended to book for everyone/everything when you initially inquire to ensure availability. Other wise, we always will if we can, and the bigger the notice of a change, the more likely it is to be okay.
  • Q. For my wedding, what happens if someone who initially wanted services (and is included in the contract) changes their mind?
    A. Your booking is a reserved spot for the agreed to amount of services. We have accounted for the services in the contract and will potentially turn away other clients to accommodate that number. Therefore, if someone backs out of their service, someone else may take that spot (of the same service and value) or the agreed to amount still must be paid.
  • Q. Where can I see your availability?
    A. Please fill out the contact form to receive a custom quote and current availability! ​ ​ ​
  • Q. How far in advance should I book my services?
    A. Our books are coordinated on a first come first serve basis. However, we start booking up to a year in advance so the sooner, the better!
  • Q. How far do you travel?
    A. We love getting to travel so we'll happily go as far as you need us to! Travel costs are based upon location and distance. Please reach out below for a full quote + availability!
  • Q. What should I expect from a preview session?
    A. For a preview, I would suggest allowing 1.5 hours for a makeup-only preview and 3 hours for makeup and hair. During the allotted time, we'll discuss your wedding details and vision for your day of makeup and hair. (please bring at least one inspiration photo!) We'll go over the finished look to tweak & customize wherever you see fit to achieve your ideal look.
  • Q. I’m a little unsure about booking right away. Can I book a preview and give a retainer after I am satisfied with my preview?
    A. Due to incredibly high demand, preview sessions are reserved for booked services only.
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Please fill out the form below with the necessary information to receive availability + a personalized quote!

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